About me

I was born in Pamplona, a small city in the north of Spain. I moved to Madrid in 2004 to major in physics at the Universidad Complutense. After my bachelor studies, I also finished a master in theoretical physics. I did my PhD under the direction of Prof. Javier Garcia de Abajo in the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). I finished my PhD in September 2014, and then started a brief postdoc in the group of Prof. Darrick Chang at ICFO, who works at the interface between quantum optics and photonics. These few months helped me to improve my understanding of atomic physics and quantum non-linear optics, and were the perfect launching platform for my ensuing move to Caltech in the summer of 2015, as an IQIM fellow (and later, as a Marie Curie fellow). At Caltech, I worked with the group of Prof. Jeff Kimble, and among other fun things, I spent my time trying to understand experiments where atoms are coupled to the guided modes of photonic crystals. While I am a theoretician, it was great to have the opportunity to work in such close proximity with experimentalists. In January of 2019 I started my appointment at Columbia University.
Other things I care about
My life is not all about physics, so here are other things I care about/enjoy.

Animals: We rescued our cats from the street in Spain, and now they live with us in NYC (after some time in LA). I love my cats, and I also care deeply about animals in general. During my time at Caltech, I was quite obsessed with taking pictures of squirrels on campus.

Traveling: I really enjoy being a physicist, because it is a job that allows me to see very different parts of the world. Below, a picture from the cusp of Villarica volcano in Chile, and a couple of closer destinations: San Francisco and Joshua Tree National Park.



Rollerblading: I have been rollerblading since I was a kid. I like to learn new slalom tricks. I also use my rollerblades as a means of transportation.